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      1. Tuesday, May 4, 2021
        Chinese youth a critical source of strength in building a modern country
        As the country embarks on a new quest to fully build a modern socialist country, the strength of youth will play a vital role in achieving this goal.
        May Day travel rush mirrors China's speedy recovery from COVID-19
        The May Day travel rush in China signals the nation's stepped-up recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, with people thronging at railway stations, airports and tourist sites, criss-crossing provinces.
        Hong Kong's economy sees 7.8-pct rebound in Q1
        Hong Kong's economy surged by 7.8 percent year on year in the first three months of this year, bringing an end to prolonged contraction since the third quarter of 2019.
        China's leadership urges cool heads over economy to push balanced recovery
        Moving on from a strong economic rebound, China's top leadership has called for cool heads over the impressive growth to put more focus on deepening structural reform for balanced recovery in the long term.
        China's achievements demonstrate what CPC can accomplish, says Peruvian politician
        China's achievements are an excellent example of what can be accomplished when a party is in step with the times and pursues high ideals in service to humanity.
        China's growth prospects, further opening-up in favor of attracting FDI inflows
        China has continued to invest at high rates, with its outward FDI flows reaching 16 percent of global flows last year, up from 12 percent in 2019.
        China rescues 700 missing, abducted children
        Chinese authorities rescued more than 700 missing or abducted children, and arrested 86 suspects since the start of 2021, the Ministry of Public Security said in a statement on Monday.

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